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In November of 2013 a 97 year old woman, Joan Nasby Hoffstetter, passed away in Los Angeles, California. This woman was my grandmother, and as most would say about their grandmothers was not simply just a "grandmother". Born in 1916 to Lebanese and Turkish immigrants, Joan was a single mother of four boys who raised them by working in a factory during the war. Three of her four sons eventually settled west which in her 80s led her to leave her hometown of Utica, NY to live in Los Angeles for the remainder of her life. This story is about Joans final wish which was to be laid to rest in the town she grew up in.

Neue Berlin

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Berlin can be called a city of contradictions. Between the grit and greenery lies a new Berlin that I spent 3 months attempting to uncover in summer of 2012. The time spent living & creating in this city was not nearly enough to fully know or understand the people who call it home, yet the tiny discoveries made along the way have only furthered my intentions to someday return. 

The Slabs

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In 2011 spent some time photographically exploring the people and community of Slab City - a squatters camp in California situated on the abandoned Camp Dunlap Marine Training Facility in the Colorado Desert. I slowly became immersed in this unique community and the people who call it home. Completely outside of the familiar I started a journey that has changed the way I view people, photography and the relationship that manifests in between.

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